Writing retreat

Writing retreats are four-day events with the purpose of supporting writing. The writing retreat allocates time and space that allow participants to focus on writing their monograph or research article without being distracted by their usual daily duties. Optional workshops are provided as part of the retreat in order to support and foster the writing process. Participants also have the opportunity to discuss their writing with their peers and share feedback on the texts they are working on. 


traditsioonTraditional writing retreats usually last three to four days and take place in country hotels. They provide a supportive space and time that allows doctoral students to focus primarily on their writing without the usual daily obligations and distractions. The members of both graduate schools (GSCSA, GSLPS) and partner universities are welcome to the writing retreats that take place in January and June. Due to the popularity of writing retreats, the University of Tartu organizes additional writing retreats twice a year only for the UT doctoral students and supervisors.

The program includes optional workshops that focus on various aspects of writing as well as on different tools and strategies that facilitate the writing process. Time slots for individual consultations with the instructors are also included in the program, which provides a valuable opportunity for doctoral students to receive feedback on their writing and share any difficulties they may be facing.

Graduate schools’ supervisors are welcome to participate in the writing retreat; they may use the chance to write with their PhD student and/or have a supervision appointment.

Accommodation, transport, and catering are free for participants. Number of participants is limited, and we are not usually able to accept all applicants. Students who can participate full time are prioritized in the selection process. Previous participation in writing retreats is also considered with the goal of enabling more students to participate. 

Additional information and guidelines for applying are provided in the preliminary call.

The retreats are led by the writing retreat facilitator, Katarina Damčević (katarina.damcevic@ut.ee).


virtuaalThe purpose of writing retreats with virtual support is the same as that of regular writing retreats - to provide doctoral students with the opportunity to change their daily environment and distance themselves from their usual obligations with the aim of focusing on writing during a specific time period. Moreover, retreats provide an opportunity to share joys and concerns related to writing with other doctoral students, which also supports the writing process.

Doctoral students who are unable to participate because they are currently abroad, quarantined, or otherwise unable to attend also have the possibility to take part in writing retreats with virtual support. Consultations and workshops take place online (via Zoom), so it is possible to participate in the retreat without on-site attendance.

During the writing retreat, there is an option to write either individually in separate rooms or with fellow participants in a seminar room. The writing retreat program includes dedicated writing times and coffee breaks, as well as the possibility to share experiences with other participants in small groups (on-site or online). The hybrid writing retreat integrates the elements of a regular writing retreat (distance from everyday surroundings, a supported environment, structured writing time, and writing in company of others) with the benefits of virtual participation.

Detailed information and registration guidelines are sent one month before the event via the HV doctoral students mailing list. Information about writing retreats can also be found on the HV doctoral school website.

Writing retreats with virtual support are led by the writing retreat facilitator, Katarina Damčević (katarina.damcevic@ut.ee).