Supervision diary

One of the preconditions for successful doctoral studies is functioning cooperation between the doctoral student and the supervisor. It is regulated by the agreement of doctoral studies concluded at the beginning of doctoral studies and monitored by the review committee at the progress review. (Good practice of doctoral studies, clause I, 4-5; Procedure of doctoral students’ progress review, clause 2.1).

At the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the cooperation between the supervisor and the doctoral student is reflected in the supervision diary, which is a part of the progress report (Procedure..., clause 7.1, 7.2).

What is the purpose of the supervision diary?

  • The supervision diary helps to plan at least two supervision appointments per semester – the fixed appointment schedule enables the doctoral student to better plan his/her activities and prevent the feeling of being left alone in their research. Regular appointments with the supervisor are a mainstay of progress in doctoral studies, as they prevent the cumulation of problems.
  • The requirement for describing the doctoral student’s work tasks and progress with the doctoral thesis helps both the doctoral student and the supervisor to consider and formulate different work stages and relevant discussion topics in a thorough manner.
  • The supervision diary is a memory document for both the doctoral student and the supervisor. It helps to recall the earlier supervision appointments and the work tasks agreed upon. The supervision diary as a whole documents the doctoral student’s development and enables him/her to reflect on the shortcomings experienced during research and the themes discussed. After or during the supervision appointment, the filled supervision diary should be shared with the supervisor without delay.
  •  Based on the supervision diary, the review committee and the programme director get a better overview of the doctoral student’s progress and plan of action and the functioning of the cooperation with the supervisor.

Submission of the supervision diary

The supervision diary is part of the progress report. Together with other compulsory documents of the report, at least two entries into the supervision diary per studied semester must be submitted.

At least eight working days before the date of the progress review, the doctoral student submits to the review committee the report on fulfilling the individual study plan signed by the student and the supervisor(s), entries of the supervision diary confirmed by the supervisor(s), manuscript(s) of the completed article(s) and/or chapter(s) of the monograph and the activity plan for the next academic year proceeding from the individual study plan, and enters them in the Study Information System (Procedure..., clause 7.1).

Filling the supervision diary

The supervision diary consists of summaries of supervision appointments.

Entry form of the supervision diary.

Individual supervision appointments must take place at least twice a semester.

  • If the doctoral student and supervisor stay in different countries for longer periods, appointments can be arranged as video calls.
  • If the doctoral student meets the external supervisor, s/he must coordinate the summary of the supervision appointment with his/her main supervisor.

The form of the summary of the supervision appointment is filled by the doctoral student.

The supervisor’s contribution is necessary for filling the box “Summary of the progress on doctoral thesis”.

If there are more than two supervision appointments per semester, entries need not be submitted about all of them; documentation of two most essential appointments will suffice.

Before the supervision appointment, the doctoral student describes the activities since the previous appointment with the supervisor and specifies the topics that s/he wants to discuss at the appointment. The doctoral student sends the prefilled form to the supervisor three working days before the appointment.

During the appointment or immediately after it, the topics discussed at the appointment have to be described, a summary written about the progress of the doctoral thesis (this part must be filled together with the supervisor), the next tasks of the doctoral student planned and the date fixed for the next appointment.

The doctoral student signs the summary of the supervision appointment within 7 days after the appointment. The signature can be either on paper or digital.

The supervisor confirms the summary with his/her signature or written comment.