Stipends for University of Tartu doctoral students

Doctoral student’s performance stipend

The doctoral students’ performance stipend will be implemented as of 3 September 2018. Amount of the stipend is 400 euros per month.

By paying the stipend, the university aims to ensure that doctoral students whose progress has been positively reviewed, will receive 1060 euros per month, thereby endorsing commitment to doctoral studies and completion of doctoral studies within the standard period of study. 

The workload of the doctoral student (the percentage of performing the curriculum) is evaluated by the progress review committee. This progress review is regulated by the Procedure for progress review in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Granting of the doctoral student's performance stipend is regulated by the Procedure for applying for, granting and payment of stipends and study allowances. Please find more information here.

Synopsis of the requirements for granting the performance stipend

Please be informed of the following:

  • Doctoral allowance for the studies funded by the Estonian government is 660 euros per month. This stipend is granted to doctoral students who have been given a positive assessment by the progress review committee (performed at least 75% of the curriculum). Other requirements apply.
    Please see detailed information here.
  • University of Tartu performance stipend is 400 euros per month. The stipend is granted to doctoral students who have performed 100% of the curriculum. Other requirements apply.

A doctoral student is entitled to the doctoral student’s performance stipend for up to 48 months, provided that the student

  • studies full time and according to the progress review, has performed 100% of the curriculum;
  • is not on academic leave;
  • has not exceeded the standard period of study, i.e. it is not the student’s extension year;
  • is a first-year doctoral student and has not had progress review yet;
  • does not perform such work in the university on the basis of an employment contract that supports their doctoral studies (this requirement does not apply to first-year doctoral students who have not had progress review yet).
    Work that supports doctoral studies is such work in which the doctoral student performs research or teaching to fulfil his or her individual plan for doctoral studies.
  • does not receive a doctoral stipend or a doctoral stipend paid under the Dora Plus activity. Please get further information here.


Pre-defence stipend

The doctoral students and external doctoral students at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities are granted a one-time stipend that favors focusing on preparing for the defence of their thesis on the following terms.

The stipend is granted to the doctoral students and external doctoral students, when the decision for the thesis to be allowed to be defended (by the thesis defence committee) has been made before 07.06.2018 and the defence is taking place within the period 07.06.2018-31.12.2019, or the desicion has been made within the period 07.06.2018-31.12.2019:

  • 3000 euros, if the thesis is defended within the nominal period of study,
  • 2000 euros, if the thesis is defended after the nominal period of study.


Practical information for international students

International students  can find more information on stipends from University of Tartu here


Contacts in the Faculty

Riho Altnurme, Vice Dean for Research,, 737 5962

Monika Tasa, Senior Specialist for Research and Development,, 737 6534