Language editing of PhD students' articles (University of Tartu, Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (University of Tartu) financially supports the language editing of articles that:

  • are written in a foreign language (for the PhD student),
  • meet the requirements of publications to be included in a dissertation.

Application regulations:

  • Endorsement is applicable only for PhD students from the University of Tartu, Faculty of Arts and Humanities; 
  • Applications can be submitted all year round;
  • To apply, please fill in the official form. Please note that the article manuscript must be appended to the application; application must be confirmed by the supervisor.

Additional requirements:

  • The language editor must be reliable, know the terminology of the student's field of study and follow the requirements of academic language; 
  • The average budget is 300–400 euros; 
  • Language editors can be compensated using a service provider:
    • Contract (concluded with the editor before the start of work)
    • Additional remuneration (if language editor is an UT employee)
    • Via invoice (company submits the invoice to the University of Tartu, the invoice is forwarded to the doctoral school)

NB! Please notify the office of graduate schools which form of payment is preferred prior to contracting the service.

Applications can be submitted:

1) digitally signed and submitted to the email address,

2) on paper, addressed to Jakobi 2-119 (Tartu 51014).

If you have any questions, please turn to the office of graduate schools, Jakobi 2-119 (Tartu),, 737 6534.