Junior researcher luncheon

The graduate schools of Faculty Arts and Humanities is launching a new event series this semester called „Junior researcher luncheon“. In this lunch-seminar, PhD students are given the opportunity to discuss various topics relevant to the start of your career as a researcher, e.g.: how to deal with reviews?; how to choose the best journal for your publication?; how to network and why?; how to increase your visibility as a researcher and why?; whether and how to publish your data?

The seminar consists of two parts: first, an invited speaker will share their own experiences and tips on the topic of the seminar. This is followed by lunch (for registered participants) and an open discussion between all seminar participants. The goal of the seminar is to increase the feeling of community amongst PhD students and offer a safe space to voice any concerns or joys one might have.

The luncheons will take place once a month on Monday. The second luncheon will be held in English.

NB! We very much welcome the input of all PhD candidates on which topics to cover in future seminars. What would you like to talk about with your colleagues? What concerns do you have in relation to starting your academic career? Let us know HERE.

Schedule and registration

Time Location Registration
19.10.2020 Ülikooli 16-102, 11:30-14:30 (in Estonian) - „Publishing and reviews: how to accept and provide criticism“ - Nelly Mäekivi  
16.11.2020 Ülikooli 16-102, 12:00-15:00 (in English) - “Open science: how and why?” - Joshua Wilbur  
21.12.2020 "How to rest during the holidays?" (in Estonian)  
25.01.2021 Zoom, "Becoming a researcher" (in English) - Emanule Bardone   
22.02.2021 Zoom, "Does gender matter in the academy?" (In Estonian) - Piret Karro  
29.03.2021 Zoom, No #ZoomFatigue Guaranteed: Experiential Online Design and Delivery to Overcome Virtual Exhaustion (in English) - Romy Alexandra Solomon  
26.04.2021 Zoom, Doctoral student and research communication: for whom and why? - Andra Siibak (in Estonian)  


Additional information: Mariann Proos, mariann.proos@ut.ee


The event is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (University of Tartu ASTRA Project PER ASPERA).