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Planning doctoral studies. Individual study plan. - Raili Marling

Studi regulations - Heddy Haljak, Maria Tamm

Introduction to doctoral studies in the Humanities - Elo-Hanna Seljamaa

Doctoral students' information channels. Graduate schools - Ann Veismann



  • 14 September: Courses registration deadline for 1st year doctoral students.
  • 15 September: Individual study plan submitting deadline for 1st year doctoral students.
  • 28 September: deadline for concluding a 
  • Study agreement between the doctoral student, the supervisor(s) and the university.
  • Progress review meetings take place at the end of the autumn and spring semester (at the end of January/beginning of February and at the the end of May/beginning of June/in August). In the first year a progress review is required at the end of both studied semesters, henceforth a progress review is required once a year.


The signed copies have to be delivered to the Dean´s Office before the deadline. In the Faculty Arts and Humanities the Dean signs the contract on behalf of the Univeristy of Tartu. The agreement is registered and one copy is kept in the Dean´s Office, other copies are returned to the institute for the parties of the agreement. There must be as many copies as there are signatories.

If you would like to sign the agreement digitally send a digital container with a pdf file to the secretary of the Dean´s Office, Helena Teemets (


Individual study plan form and guidelines at the graduate school homepage.

The individual plan has to be compiled in cooperation with your supervisor, you can also ask for advice from your programme director.

Individual study plans and progress review report documents have to be entered into your personal SIS webpage, see guidelines here.

1st year doctoral students have to submit their individual study plan via SIS latest by 15 September (a doctoral student matriculated during the academic year within two weeks after their matriculation). You don´t have to send it anywhere else.

NB! If the individual study plan is not submitted by 15 September, it will be the basis for deleting you from the matriculation register!


The credit points in one year (from the 1st to the 3rd academic year) are divided into:

  • 20 ECTS for courses
  • 40 ECTS for research

Credit points for the courses are obtained after an examination or a test. Credit points for research are given at the progress review.

A first year doctoral student has his/her first progress review in the middle of the academic year (in January). This means that in the beginning of one’s studies the doctoral student has to compile a more precise first-semester plan in addition to their four-year plan. The plan for a semester has to include courses for at least 10 ECTS and research for 20 ECTS according to progress review requirements. In the following years, an annual plan must be submitted at the beginning of each academic year.

It is not necessary to evaluate your research in the individual plan or in the progress review report by credit points. Planning must take into account the requirements of the progress review (point 4 and point 3).


All doctoral students need a username and password for the university computer network – it allows access to university´s study information system or SIS. In SIS you can view information on courses, register to courses and exams, and monitor your study results. If you have a user account, SIS can also be accessed by Mobile-ID, ID-card and Smart-ID.

If you already have university´s e-mail address/user account, the SIS user rights will be reactivated at the beginning of the academic year on 31.08.2020. For doctoral students matriculated during the academic year access to SIS is reactivated from the date of matriculation.

If you have forgotten your password, please contact the IT department at The IT helpdesk can be reached at the number 737 5500. You can change your password at

Please check your contact information in SIS. The university considers SIS messages as forwarded to the student, therefore it is important to add correct contact information to your SIS account. Please note that sometimes emails from the university are automatically forwarded to spam folder.


The amount of doctoral allowance is 660€ and it is granted for up to one academic year at a time. The allowance is granted automatically, there is no application procedure.

Doctoral allowance is paid each month by the 20th for the respective month. In September the allowance is paid no later than by 30th September.

Starting from the second year, positive assessment by the progress review committee is a prerequisite for receiving a doctoral allowance.

Doctoral students can also be granted a performance stipend. The amount of a performance stipend is 400€ per month. Please find detailed information here.

NB! Please check if you have a valid account number in SIS under personal contact information, add if necessary.


Faculty mailing lists where doctoral students and supervisors get information on doctoral studies, organisation of studies, mobility grants and graduate school events.

Doctoral students mailing list
External doctoral students mailing list
PhD students' supervisors mailing list
First year doctoral students are subscribed to the list automatically. If you wish to subscribe to a mailing list (or unsubscribe), please contact Merili Hansen, or subscribe via webpage.

You will receive an invitation to join a general mailing list for all UT doctoral students ( via SIS in the beginning of the first semester.

Information about scholarships and study abroad opportunities can be found in the weekly student newsletter. Students are subscribed automatically to the newsletter.

See also an overview of mobility grants for doctoral students.

Information about other scholarships and grants:


Faculty progress review procedure, guidelines for individual study plan and progress review.

Relevant information, incl. document forms, are available at the doctoral studies webpage.

Legislation and good practices of the University of Tartu:

Study regulations See here
Good Practice of Doctoral Studies
Procedure for Awarding Doctorates
Procedure for Publication of Graduation Theses and Doctoral Dissertations
Procedure for Applying for, Granting and Payment of Stipends and Study Allowances See here

From the beginning of 2019/2020 academic year universities do not issue student identification cards.

The options for identifying yourself as a student:

  • students who already have student identifications cards can renew them in the Dean´s Office;
  • you can ask for a certificate from the Dean's Office;
  • international ISIC student card;
  • international ISIC student bank card issued by the bank
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Study Info

Academic Affairs Specialist

Dean´s Office coordinators

  • Külli Kuusik
  • Heddy Haljak
Doctoral studies programme directors
Recognition of prior lerning or RPL RPL Advisors


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